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Dredging Solutions

Dredging removes sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors, and other water bodies. It is a routine necessity in waterways around the world because sedimentation—the natural process of sand and silt washing downstream—gradually fills channels and harbors.

Dredging often focuses on maintaining or increasing the depth of navigation channels, anchorages, or berthing areas to ensure the safe passage of boats and ships. Vessels require a certain amount of water to float and not touch the bottom. This water depth continues to increase over time as larger and larger ships are deployed. Since massive ships carry the bulk of the goods imported into the country, dredging plays a vital role in the nation's economy.

As per the Chairman of Visakhapatnam Port Trust, and DCI Mr. K. Rama Mohan Rao, the industry will likely grow to 160 million cubic meters in the next 10 years and meet the demand.

Smarthope ventured into the dredging industry in 2021. The incentive behind the investors going into dredging would be the immense prospect of industry shows towards the future expansion of interlinking rivers. Our values include playing an active role in developing India through participation in the private sector. India is at a stage where it needs support from its private sector and international involvement in expanding the industry. Our exposure in the market and experience in tackling the project have developed our management to the next level. With well-established management and technical team, we are confident in undertaking dredging projects in most rivers. Our expertise and know-how in the industry enable us to look forward to a promising journey ahead.

SmartHope is a wave of river dredging companies that befits from river dredging programs, and earth filling works, excavation works as taken by several government agencies across the globe. SmartHope team has among the youngest recognized name in the offering, dredging, and landfilling services. These services apply to soil testing and maintaining the earth level for construction through excavation or filling of earthwork. Our expertise and team members provide clients premium quality services within the assured time frame efficiently. To execute the services, our team comprises qualified engineers that stringently check the entire process on-site. These services are based on advanced technology, past technical experiences, and the expertise of office professionals.

Our Team is very Innovative and has leadership qualities with strategic business development capabilities which also includes resourceful interfacing with Principals/Owners/Govt. Departments/Statutory Authorities for approval, Licenses, Surveys, and Inspections through exposure across health, safety, security, environment & quality. Both are currently handling multiple admin roles skilfully as Business Development, Business Intelligence, Research, Training, Strategic Planning, Negotiation, Budget Management, Client Management, Team Development, Problem Resolution, Forecasting, Project Management, Operations Management, Technical Management, Inventory Management Etc…